MagnorVinduet: Windows, doors and accessories

MagnorVinduet is the only company to supply products with their unique three-part design. This unique design provides maintenance-free products with a lifetime of 60 years.

Sliding door with SoftClose

Types of windows and doors

We sell windows and doors for all types of buildings: housing cooperatives, schools/kindergartens, commercial buildings, homes and holiday properties.

Our range of products comprises: Windows, doors, glass and accessories.

Simple assembly

  • MagnorVinduet has a high reputation for precise deliveries.
  • We also supply technical systems for simple and secure assembly.
  • Our service department is here to help you with special challenges.

The environment

  • MagnorVinduet has qualified for points with the BREEAM-NOR energy classification system (see separate page).
  • Certification from Norsk Dør og Vindus Kontroll (NDVK).
  • Several of our products have their own EPD (environmental product declaration).

Involve us from start-up!

Contact us during the early stages of your building process so that we can assist in identifying the best solutions for your project. We are happy to act as your partner when choosing the best windows for you – and our help can provide savings.

Our motto is : We want our customers to come back to us – not our products.

– you won’t find better!