Our products

MagnorVinduet is the only company to supply products with their unique three-part design. This unique design provides maintenance-free products with a lifetime of 60 years.

Types of windows and doors

We sell windows and doors for all types of buildings: housing cooperatives, schools/kindergartens, commercial buildings, homes and holiday properties. Our range of products comprises: Windows, doors, glass and options.

Simple assembly

  • MagnorVinduet has a high reputation for precise deliveries.
  • We also supply technical systems for simple and secure assembly.
  • Our service department is here to help you with special challenges.

The environment

  • MagnorVinduet has qualified for points with the BREEAM-NOR energy classification system (see separate page).
  • Certification from Norsk Dør og Vindus Kontroll (NDVK).
  • Several of our products have their own EPD (environmental product declaration).