Reform fasade

Together with Reform fasade, MagnorVinduet has developed a completely new window solution for a unique system for exterior cladding that works just as well on older buildings as on new buildings.

Reform fasade is owned by Glava, which has almost 90 years of experience in insulating homes. Reform fasade is an element-based system where you get exterior cladding and insulation in one product.

Upgrade your home with windows from MagnorVinduet and exterior cladding from Reform fasade.

Collaboration with Reform fasade

MagnorVinduet collaborates with Reform fasade on the window solutions. All exterior cladding are specially adapted to each project. As MagnorVinduet, Reform fasade produces all of its products in Norway.


For more information or design proposals, contact Helge Aschjem in Reform fasade.

Phone: 469 58 840