Maintenance-free windows and doors with a lifetime of 60 years.

Norwegian-made and preferred

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Lifetime guarantee against external fungus and rot.

Simply because windows and doors from MagnorVinduet are made of materials that can not rot.

Unique 3-layer structure:

1. Interior: Wood (now also with hardwood)

Nordic pine or hardwood such as oak etc. a warm, elegant look.

2. Core: Stable and insulating composite

A core of super-strong composite – the same materials used to produce aircraft and cars. Provides stability and eliminates heat loss through thermal bridges. Damp-proof.

3. Exterior: Powder-coated aluminium

A powder-coated section of marine corrosion resistant aluminium. Provides attractive, maintenance-free and durable surfaces.


Eco-friendly and energy-saving

A window or door from MagnorVinduet is an investment for the future. All our windows are supplied with energy glass as standard and with U-values as low as 0.7. This helps make savings on your electricity bills and eliminates costs for paint and maintenance.


Norwegian design with a lifetime of 60 years

MagnorVinduet supplies modern, maintenance-free windows with a guaranteed lifetime of 60 years. The unique combination of wood and aluminium provides a high-quality window with no need for maintenance or painting.


Customised products

MagnorVinduet can supply products in every colour of the rainbow and in a wide range of shapes and sizes. It’s all down to what you want. Would you like one colour indoors and another outdoors? With or without bars? The choice is yours!


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Top swing, fixed frame, inwards opening, airing panel, fire safety windows, patio doors, basement doors and sliding doors – we manufacture and supply windows and doors for every application.

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