Magnortech customized window fittings

Magnortech customized window fittings

MagnorTech window fittings are a new, revolutionary fitting which makes the carpenters work much easier and faster. MagnorTech window fittings are tailored to the external track of the MagnorVinduet product and come fully customized to the dimensions of the window or door.

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A modern and maintenance-free solution

MagnorTech provides a maintenance-free solution with a great appearance. The fitting is powder coated in the same color as the window and therefore slides into the wall in a perfect way compared to traditional “lumpy” waterboards, fittings and external wooden window trim.

The fitting itself functions as a drip edge and is produced in powder-coated, seawater-resistant aluminum of the Hydro CIRCAL type, and is thus a 100% maintenance-free solution.

Adapted to both horizontal and vertical siding

The fitting has external space for inserting siding and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical siding (see pictures above).

Ordered together

If you order fittings together with the product, you don’t have to think about it anymore. We set the exact measurements of the fittings based on the product sizes and customize them 100% for assembly. You can therefore forget the “old way” where you depended on having loose fittings delivered by the meter or manufacture them on site by a third party.

Cost saving

MagnorTech streamlines the carpenters work, which in return makes it a cost-saving solution for you as the customer



  • Aluminium
    • Alloy: 6060 / 6063
    • Nature anodised finish or pure white (RAL 9010) on the visible exterior – other colours available on order.
    • Colours: RAL or NCS colours
    • Do NOT clean the aluminium with chlorinated detergents as this may cause corrosion of cut surfaces

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