Solar reflective glass

Solar reflective glass

If you have large windows facing west and south that are exposed to a lot of sunlight, we recommend solar reflective glass. This type of glass efficiently minimises the amount of sunlight and solar heat that penetrates the glass, providing a more comfortable indoor climate.

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We have in principle three levels of solar reflection in our glass:

  • Light glass (70/35) – Allows 70% of sunlight to penetrate and 35% of solar heat
  • Medium darkness (60/30) – Allows 60% of sunlight to penetrate and 30% of solar heat
  • Dark glass (50/25) – Allows 50% of sunlight to penetrate and 25% of solar heat

These figures are approximate and vary according to glass manufacturer, but also other types of glass used in combination, for example in a window with triple glazing.

We can also supply other types of solar reflective glass on request.


Documentation is coming.

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