Self-cleaning glass

Self-cleaning glass

MagnorVinduet can supply self-cleaning glass for both windows and patio doors.

We would all prefer not to have to clean and maintain our windows, and you no longer have to with MagnorVinduet’s self-cleaning glass, which uses the weather to keep your windows clean.

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UV rays and rain keep this innovative glass clean from dirt and dust, so you can spend your time on much more enjoyable activities than window cleaning. A coating on the glass dissolves dirt using UV rays, then waits for a shower of rain to wash it away.

The self-cleaning function is dependent on rainfall, so if you have had a dry spell, we recommend hosing down your windows. Efficiency depends on the surroundings. If the area in front of the window is wide and open, self-cleaning efficiency will be higher. You can also clean your windows with a soft cloth and lukewarm, soapy water, but make sure not to use a squeegee or other sharp objects.

Self-cleaning glass is particularly suitable in areas with a lot of air pollution, e.g. in cities, industrial sites, nearby airports etc.

Self-cleaning glass will also reduce exterior condensation (dew) on glazing with high insulation properties.


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