Safety glass

Safety glass

Safety glass protects you and your family against:

  • Cuts if the glass breaks
  • Falling through broken glass
  • Thermal breakage
  • Break-ins and vandalism
  • Fire

We offer several types of safety glass that can be used to glaze our windows.

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Tempered glass

Tempered glass provides increased protection in the event of accidents, impact, blows and thermal stress. Tempered glass when broken breaks up into thousands of small granules. This reduces the risk of cuts because there will be no sharp pieces lying around, as when normal glass breaks.

We strongly recommend using tempered glass in all windows where furniture, flower pots or blinds may be installed in contact with the window. This will prevent the glass from cracking due to temperature differences in the pane of glass.

Laminated glass

When laminated glass breaks, the pieces remain stuck to the foil that is between the two panes of glass. Thanks to this property, laminated glass can be used as “railings” and in structures where there is a risk of persons falling if the glass breaks. Laminated and tempered glass prevent break-ins as they are very difficult to break.

Laminated glass also has properties that minimise penetration of UV rays. This helps reduce discolouring of floors, walls, furniture or kitchens.

Fire retardant glass and windows

Fire retardant windows can help protect lives and property as they delay and prevent a fire from spreading. When a fire safety window is exposed to heat, the glass will “boil”, so that it insulates against the intense radiation heat and flames.


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