Sound-reducing window / Magnor Silent+

Magnor Silent+ Sound-reducing window
- The best window on the market for sound-reducing and energy

Magnor Silent+ is a revolutionary new sound-reducing and energy window, at the very top of the class in terms of sound reduction and U-value.

Traffic noise is reduced by a total 44 dB (Rw+Ctr)

Vinduet eliminerer det meste av støyplager fra biltrafikk, fly, tog, industri og annen støy som gjør hverdagen plagsom. Trafikkstøy reduseres med hele 44 dB. Støyreduksjon fra kilder med annen frekvens er tilsvarende god.

Ingenious design – two windows in one

Built with two window sashes in one shared frame.
Outwards top swing window on the exterior. Inwards opening window on the interior – both with double glazing/sound-reducing glass.

U-value: An incredible 0.53

Thanks to the four panes of glass – in addition to the air gap between the window sashes – Magnor Silent+ has unparalleled energy-saving properties, with an extremely low U-value of 0.53. These measurements have been performed by a highly recognised and neutral institute.

A new life, without noise!

Magnor Silent+ is the right choice for all buildings with exposure to noise: Offices, hotels, schools, private homes etc. Amalie Skram upper secondary school is located right next to the busiest road junction in Bergen, and chose to install Magnor Silent+ on the façade facing the road. They are extremely satisfied with the effect of the windows.

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Magnor Silent+ er et revolusjonerende nytt lyd- og energivindu som er uslåelig når det kommer til støyreduksjon og U-verdier. Vinduet eliminerer det meste av støyplager fra biltrafikk, fly, tog, industri og annen støy som gjør hverdagen plagsom.

  • Trafikkstøy reduseres med hele 44 dB (Rw+Ctr).
  • Gir en U-verdi på konstruksjonen på ekstremt lave 0,53.

2 vinduer i ett

Ytterst på Magnor Silent+ lydvindu finner du et utadslående toppsvingvindu med 2-lags lyd/isolérglass. Innerst er det et drei-vippvindu, også dette med 2-lags lyd/isolérglass. Totalt gir dette 4-lags lyddemping og isolasjon i tillegg til det naturlige luftlaget mellom rammene. Alt sitter i én og samme karm, som er enkel å montere.

Silent+ i Amalie Skram VGS

Amalie Skram VGS i Bergen valgte Magnor Silent+ lydvindu. Skolen ligger i et nytt gigantisk sentrumsbygg like ved Bergens travleste trafikkmaskin. Bygget huser også det nye sentralsvømmeanlegget for Bergen – AdO Arena. Her har vi levert samtlige vinduer, og på den mest støyutsatte siden ble det valgt Magnor Silent+.

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  • Alloy: 6060 / 6063
  • Nature anodised finish or pure white (RAL 9010) on the visible exterior – other colours available on order.
  • Colours: RAL or NCS colours
  • Do NOT clean the aluminium with chlorinated detergents as this may cause corrosion of cut surfaces


  • Deep-impregnated wood
  • Frame profiles in solid pine or laminated with finger jointing
  • Our sash profiles are supplied as standard in laminated pine/spruce


  • A full range of functional glass
  • NB! Glass requires pressure equalisation if fitted in a building located higher than 750 metres above sea level


  • U-value ranging from 1.1 W/m2K, depending on the type of glass

Weather stripping

  • Q-Lon seal between frame and sash (removable)
  • EPDM rubber seal as glazing gasket


  • Lifting hinges in galvanised steel


  • The espagnolettes are supplied in zinc-coated steel with an extra layer of glossy chrome


  • Handles supplied as standard in matte natural aluminium. Also available in other finishes
  • Standard with interior turn-knob and exterior hole cover
  • Can also be supplied with lock cylinder


  • As standard, the patio doors come with door brake and allow for variable ventilation options up to 90 degrees

Other information

  • Also available as double doors
  • Available with wheelchair-friendly threshold in oak/aluminium (25 mm)
  • Frame depths of 95 mm and 128 mm (excl. 5 mm groove for fittings)
  • Increased frame depth can be provided on request
  • The doors are provided as standard with groove
  • Pre-drilling 14/4 mm as standard or ready with Adjufix frame sleeves
  • Groove and pre-drilling can be customised on request