Sliding door

Magnor Sliding door
- Developed in Norway with supreme properties

Storms, lashing rain, snow and temperature fluctuations are increasingly common. Magnor sliding doors are designed to withstand such weather conditions.

They remain fully sealed in all conditions.

Water penetration in the threshold area of sliding doors has always been a challenge.

Magnor has solved this problem with their AquaStop threshold, combining a groove with special fittings and weather stripping without joints. In addition, the wheels and closing mechanisms are designed so that you have a permanently sealed and fully functional door. The doors have been tested 25,000 times with no signs of wear and tear. (Neutral German laboratory.)

The SoftClose function prevents crushing injuries if your hand or foot gets caught in the door.

This is the first sliding door fitted with a SoftClose function – a mechanism that slowly stops the door when both opening and closing. This prevents injuries if a hand or foot gets caught in the door – an important device if you have children! This alone is reason enough to choose Magnor's sliding doors.

They are available in a wide range of heights and widths.

Modern trends are for floor to ceiling windows and doors. Magnor's sliding doors can be supplied at heights up to 2.8 metres and up to xx metres wide. When combined with fields of fixed frame windows, the door will look like part of a whole wall of glass. Beautiful!

Safety glass on both sides as standard!

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Magnor skyvedør er en spesialutviklet dør tilpasset norske klimatiske forhold. Det er blant annet lagt stor vekt på tetning og motstandsdyktighet mot fukt og råte.

Skyvedøren bygger på Magnors unike 3-lags konstruksjon:

  1. Aluminium ytterst
  2. Kjerne av kompositt
  3. Innvendig tre. NB! Også edeltre som eik, ask m.fl.

Viktige fordeler:

  • Skjøtefri tetningslist i nedre del av døren
  • HC Aquastop-terskel med spor for tetningsbeslag
  • Laminert, fingerskjøtt tre i karm og ramme
  • SoftClose-beslag, dempingsmekanisme for å beskytte mennesker mot klemfare (eneste standardiserte i Norden)
  • Dørene leveres standard med innvendig vrider og utvendig skyvegrep
  • Kan også leveres med vrider på begge sider


  • Utvendig vrider og innvendig blindskilt
  • Utvendig låssylinder og vrider
  • Utvendig/ innvendig låssylinder og utvendig/innvendig vrider


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  • Alloy: 6060 / 6063
  • Nature anodised finish or pure white (RAL 9010) on the visible exterior – other colours available on request.
  • Colours: RAL or NCS colours
  • Do NOT clean the aluminium with chlorinated detergents as this may cause corrosion of cut surfaces


  • 100% UV-proof low-energy material


  • Deep-impregnated wood
  • Frame profiles in solid pine or laminated with finger jointing
  • Our sash profiles are supplied as standard in laminated pine/spruce


  • A full range of functional glass
  • NB! Glass requires pressure equalisation if fitted in a building located higher than 750 metres above sea level


  • U-value ranging from 0.80 W/m2K, depending on the type of glass

Weather stripping

  • Q-Lon seal between frame and sash (removable)
  • EPDM rubber seal as glazing gasket


  • Lifting hinges in galvanised steel


  • The espagnolettes are supplied in zinc-coated steel with an extra layer of glossy chrome


  • Handles supplied as standard in matte natural aluminium. Also available in other finishes
  • Standard with exterior hole cover and interior cylinder
  • Can also be supplied with exterior lock cylinder

Other information

  • Also available as double doors
  • Available with wheelchair-friendly threshold in oak/aluminium (25 mm)
  • Frame depths of 95 mm and 128 mm (excl. 5 mm groove for fittings)
  • Increased frame depth can be provided on request
  • The doors are provided as standard with groove
  • Pre-drilling 14/4 mm as standard or ready with Adjufix frame sleeves
  • Groove and pre-drilling can be customised on request

Technical dimensions

  • Sliding operation from outdoors
  • Standard with interior handle
  • Threshold height of 25 mm, threshold in hardwood
  • Max. sash weight in sliding partition is 250 kg
  • Max. glass thickness is 48 mm
  • 186 mm frame depth