About MagnorVinduet

MagnorVinduet manufactures and delivers windows and doors with modern, innovative design, unique quality and durability. We can document an impressive 60 years of lifetime for our products. We are proud to confirm that our entire product range is developed and manufactured in Norway by a wholly-owned Norwegian company.

MagnorVinduet’s production facilities and product development department are located in Eidskog. The administration and sales offices are located in Bergen.

«Window and doors shall last as long as the building where they are installed»

Why choose MagnorVinduet?

Assistance and guidance

A major part of customer service at MagnorVinduet is guidance. We help our customers choose the correct windows and the correct patio, basement and sliding doors, providing full guidance throughout the process.

Our employees are highly skilled and are here to provide advice on:

  • Size
  • Glass
  • Bars
  • Colours
  • Interior wood

Our goal is to identify solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

Unique construction = lifetime of 60 years

Our unique three-layer construction provides products that will last for 60 years.

Documented to have lower life cycle expenses

With practically zero costs for maintenance and a lifetime of 60 years, MagnorVinduet is the most reasonably priced choice in the long term. See table below.